Performed at Black Box International Festival of Theatre & Dance in Plovdiv (Bulgaria – 2012).

Tessitura², 20 minutes’ solo, continues in the line of its short version: Tessitura. Like its predecessor, it remains both a weaving and a self-erasing procedure bringing emphasis on its process over its result.

Some short scenes punctuate its course and structure its narrative. They succeed one another, one way and back again. Interwoven like a set of Russian dolls, they allow a fragmented unit to be perceived.

Tessitura² was an opportunity to revisit Tiny Fish Might Swim in Whales’ Tears, solo created in 2007, looking at the theme of container and contained.

Tessitura² begins with the end: in silence, a dancer catches her breath.


Lighting: Bassou Ouchikh & Cat Westwood
Costume: Yvonne Mattio
Music: Stefano Bollani, The Cardigans, Gonzales

Pictures by Flavie Truquet